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Adopt the pace of nature:

it’s official, we have the keys in hand, so bryan and i can finally shout it out to all, we are farm owners! we literally could not stop smiling this morning after signing all the paperwork. we saw this property on may 1st, 2018, and here we are october 5, more than 5 months later–2 sisters are now married, my mom turned 60, we grew a mke garden at my aunt’s house this summer, we visited san fran with bryan’s family, and we put all our belongings back into a uhaul to prep for this move.

scrolling through all the emails, text messages and photos, i kept thinking about conversations i had had with friends back in seattle on the farm, way back when. you can try and plan, and prepare and dedicate yourself to making this food grow, or life move in a certain direction, but at the end of the day, nature takes over and may have other plans for you. as ralph waldo emerson so nicely sums up one of the virtues of working on the land, “adopt to the pace of nature: her secret is patience.”

and this new farm already knows that secret of patience. we learned zoning laws and town approvals don’t speed up for you, just because you want to buy a home. or a fall filled with rain and showers do nothing more that delay the process of putting in a new septic. and while you may want to get a greenhouse up before the frost sets in, the corn-filled fields are just that, filled with corn and not ready for all the new plans.

bryan and i are ready to do this. since first talking about this over three years ago, we’re now at the place we always had hoped. the keys have officially been given to us, and ahead of us are tons of new things to learn, to try, and to do, on a piece of land that will call for long hours of fixing, making, building, growing, testing, trying, planting, harvesting, tilling.. and on and on. and we get to do this together.

not to speak for bryan, but i’m sure he feels the same, we’re both grateful to have the support of friends, family, coworkers and all the random people throughout the last couple months who have put up with our endless conversations about this property. i hope you’re not sick of all our stories yet! so cheers! these pics below are from back in may when we found happy day farmhaus, and also the celebratory drinks that followed.


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