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We are here to offer fresh produce that you have a connection with– from knowing where it comes from, to the folks that grew it, to having a sustainable source of healthy veggies.

What you can expect when eating in-season produce

Spring and fall bring cooler weather and a more limited selection. Summer is abundant.

Spring typically has peas, greens like arugula and spinach, and garlic scapes. A few weeks later carrots, scallions and beets will emerge. Summer brings zucchini, summer squash, cukes, and tomatoes. Late summer sweet corn, garlic, and cabbage. Fall storage items become available such as winter squash, potatoes and onions. Last weeks of the season brussels, broccoli, kohlrabi and cauliflowers. Typically, we have salad mix and lettuce available all season, but the mixes and varieties change with the season.


We grow many varieties of the same crop, so you’ll see some lettuce heads and tomatoes that you may have never heard of!


We do accept FMNP vouchers for any produce purchases at the Farm Stand or at the Farmer’s Market.

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