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The Prop House 1.0

Well it took us a little longer than we expected but the prop house is finally up! (by we I mean the collective “we” which includes friends and family that shoveled gravel, installed rafters, built doors, pulled poly, wiggle wired away and put up with our weekly updates). 🙏🛠

Going from not knowing what a miter saw is 2 years ago, to completing this project is nutty.

What is a prop house you ask? Prop is short for propagation. A propagation house is a structure that temporarily houses seed starts to protect them from the elements and provide more of a controlled climate. We leveled the ground in October, added foundation footers out of cedar wood (since treated could leach chemicals into the soil) and then built the structure once the snow melted in February. We use the prop house for all our seed starts. We also have our little guys on heat mats at night since the temp was dropping down into the teens at night (prop houses mimic the outdoor temps at night). In the evening, we cover them with a second layer of plastic, but during the day the plastic comes off and the sun and seventy degree prop house temps gives them the kick start they need. High Mowing (one of our awesome seed suppliers) has some more info on it if you’re curious. Next year, the plan is to expand into something larger, but you gotta start somewhere!

Onto getting the seeds started this week!


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